Connecting African Professionals to Global Opportunities


Taking African talents to the world

We want to give the world access to reliable building partners from Africa which saves them on average 75% on wage costs.
We have merged the power of the global freelance movement with our proprietary mentorship-based platform that enables a lifetime of earning when people invest in improving their mentees and participating in our community developing activities which we track to the UN SDG's


Shaping the future together

  • Jobs for millions
  • Reduction of unemployment
  • In-flow of forex into Africa,leading to strengthening of local Currencies
  • Reduction of Immigration
  • Higher productivity due to Remote work
  • Reduction in youth's restlessness and conflict leading to a better society
  • Reduction in need of travel
  • Helping clients oofset their carbon footprints
  • Encourage sustainable environment enhancing
  • Activities through our community day initiative
  • Remote working eliminates gender bias because there is more focus on the work than the individual
  • Better childcare as parents can look after their kids and still work remotely

Empowering African youths one frotalent at a time

Africa's youth do not have enough platforms to show the world what they can do and to leverage their skills to earn a living



According to the Africa development bank (AFDR), 12 million youths join the job market each year but are only met with 3 million jobs.


High labour cost

The cost of labour globally needs bulging, especially in the West. we have a team of 18 people; 3 in the UK, 15 in Africa. The cost of the 3 in UK is higher than those in Africa but their productivity levels are relatively the same.


Low Impact

There hasn’t been an effective means to encourage Africans to be more impact-focused. We have for long had a ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset; not looking out for our fellow man or the environment to our detriment



76% of freelancers worry about putting enough money aside in savings and retirement. This is addresses by our mentorship-based passive income model, which incentivises impactful freelancers as they grow their mentees.

Africa's greatest assets isn't in our abundant natural resources but in our human capital potential


Sangu Delle

CEO, Africa Health Holdings